Luke 15:11-32

How well do you know your parents? We sometimes get a chance to know our parents better even after their deaths. We can always learn about our parents. Jesus’ story of a Father and two s ons tells us many things about human relationships.

Neither really knew his father (vs. 18-24, 28)

The younger son never thought his father would throw a party at his return nor did the older brother think their father would love his brother that much. How many of us don’t know our parents’ love for us — or God’s love for us? John 17:3; 1 John 4:16

Neither son really loved his father (vs. 12, 11, 8)

The younger son was anxious to leave. He returned for food.

Older son couldn’t forgive because of his anger – couldn’t enjoy the party for his father’s sake.

Luke 10:25-28. This is what God wants – to be loved by his people.

Neither son really knew who he was (vs. 19, 29)

The younger son was coming home as a hired man – he didn’t realize he was always a son.

Older son said he had always been a servant – he didn’t realize that he was always loved as a son. Gal. 3:26.

How do you see your relationship with God today?
Do we really know God and His Love for Us?

Isaiah 55: 6-9 – Seek the Lord and Call on Him. God will have compassion on the person who returns to Him. You will get pardon & love. God’s thoughts are not people’s thoughts. We don’t understand the depth of God’s love for us.

1 Tim. 2:3-4 – God wants everyone to be saved.

–Robert Lee, 6-20-10, a.m.

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