How dangerous is the current flu outbreak?  It is unknown the problems that will erupt.  However, there is a far more dangerous plague in the world today – sin.  Sin can damage people and families far more than a physical illness.  When you consider any tragic incident in human history, the power of human sin is evident.  God breaks the power of cancelled sin and sets the prisoner free. 

  • Rom. 1:16-17 -The Gospel Saves from Spiritual Disease
  • Rom.  3:9-12 -The Universal Problem of Sin -no one is exempt
  • Rom. 3:19-4:25, 3:21-28 -We do not control the cure – our salvation is the free gift of God.  Jesus is the great physician. Rom. 4:18-24 – God promised Abraham a son and he had faith that God would deliver.  If we have faith we can have righteousness.
  • Rom. 5:21:21-   What is the source of today’s flu epidemic?  Did it start with one person?  Source of sin/source of cure – Rom. 5:18-19 -Adam and Eve brought sin into the world.  Jesus is the cure.
  • Rom. 6:1-23 -Freed from Sickness to Grow in wellness – Rom.  6:4-7 -Baptism is an outward action to show the power of the spiritual work God is doing in people’s life.  Rom. 6:17-19 -Don’t be a slave of sin, but be a slave of righteousness.  Be free from sin don’t let sin hold you in old patterns.   Live as if you believe you are free from sin. 
  • Rom. 7:1-25, 7:7-13 What doesn’t Work to Get Well – Some things don’t work against physical illness and there are things that don’t work on sin. – Don’t depend on rules to save you.  You can never keep the rules perfectly.  The law points out sin, but can’t take it away.  All we have us guilt and anxiety.
  • Rom. 8:1-30, 8-1-4, 8:12-17 Healing Power -We are God’s children and we receive his help in our spiritual growth.  God as given us his Holy Spirit
  • Rom. 8:31-39 We have the perfect doctor.  God wants to cure us and he loves us. 
  • Rom. 9:1-11:36 -A need for humility.  Rom. 10:1-4 -The Jews were not saved just because they were chosen.  Everyone needs to recognize his own sin problem and deal with it individually.  Our faith will make it happen. 
  • Rom. 12:1-15:13 -We know when we are well.  When you have a well spiritual life we will show it in our actions.  Our lives will tell the story of God’s love.
  • Rom. 16:25-27 -Praise God for our salvation.   

—Robert Lee, 5-3-09, a.m.

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