Have you ever been in a situation where you felt threatened?  Many times we are caught in physical storms. 

Mark 4:36-41

This was a very dangerous physical situation.  Jesus was able to calm the storm because he was a part of creation of the universe.  Jesus asked why are you afraid.   When we are afraid, why are we afraid?   

Here is a survey of verses that talk about God protecting and comforting believers when they were afraid.

Gen. 15:1 – Abram

Gen. 26:23-25 – Isaac

Gen. 46:1 -Jacob

Exodus 14:13-14 -Moses

2 Chr. 20:13-17 -Jehoshaphat

Isa. 7:1-25 – Nation of Judah

Isa. 41:8-16 – Prophecies about Christ coming as a comforter.  God will be there for you.

Isa. 43:1-7 – Those who are redeemed

Jer. 1:7-8 – Jeremiah, the weeping prophet

Hag. 2:1-5 – The people who were rebuilding the temple after their captivity

2 Cor. 1:2-7 – Paul  

Fear attacks faith.  God is our encourager.  God says to these people, “Be encouraged, I am with you.” 

—Robert Lee, 1-15-06, p.m.

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