Parakaleo – A Greek word that means comfort.  Parakleetos – A Greek word that means to call someone along side you to help.  Sometimes means helper, comforter, counselor, advocate, intercessor, and “encourager”.    God is our father who sent an encourager to us.

  • Jesus as Encourager

1 John 2:1-2

We have failed God and hurt our relationship with him.  God’s response to our sin was to send us a Parakleetos to encourage us and help us be right with God.   Sometimes we think we can be nice enough that this will be our ticket to heaven.  No matter how nice we are, we are away from God and need Jesus as an intercessor.  When we have faith in God and Jesus’ work on our behalf we can have confidence in our future.   The Word is filled with messages of hope.

  • Holy Spirit as Encourager

John 14:16-18

We are not alone in this world.   The Spirit of truth is there for those who believe.  

John 14:25-26

The Spirit is sent in the name of Jesus.   

John 15:26-27

The Spirit is from the father.  Encouragement is a work of God, Jesus, and the Spirit.

John 16:5-15

When Jesus left this world, they gained the Spirit.  When we see sin in our life, we see the need for an intercessor and an encourager in our lives.  Jesus is perfectly right.  Satan has been defeated.  Which side to we want to be on?

Acts 2:1-39

This is the account of the Holy Spirit being sent to the world.

Rom. 8:26-27

Do you know how to pray?  The Spirit intercedes for us.  We can’t see the Spirit, but we can know, through faith, that the Spirit is with us.

1 Thess. 1:1-7

The Word of God is given to us through the Holy Spirit.   By faith, God is working through the Spirit in our lives every day.  We can be encouraged every day by relying on God.

—Robert Lee, 1-15-06, a.m. 

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