Celebrating God’s Goodness
It is right as we come together today, to celebrate the retiring of our building debt, to realize that this rejoicing follows a pattern of rejoicing and thankfulness to God’s goodness to His people down thru Biblical history.

Exodus 15:1-21; 1 Chronicles 29:1-22. The same God who made this celebration possible makes our celebration possible today. We acknowledge God’s goodness in making this possible. We also thank God for the sacrifices of the many people from the aged down to the children to make this possible for us today.
Ezra 3:10-13. There is still sadness when we have celebration, because sin has entered the world.
Luke 1:46-47. This is a great celebration over the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ.
Luke 10:17-21. Jesus brought relief from physical and emotional pain.
Matt. 28:8. Jesus lives today and this is a reason for joy and great happiness.
Acts.16:34.No matter what our troubles in this life, Jesus is the answer.
Rev. 19:5-7.God sent us this great gift so that we can live with Him forever.

God’s Building Today

Matt. 16:15-18. God’s church is more than a building. It is a people.
1 Cor. 3:9-17. The Spirit of God does not live in this physical space, but in the hearts of His people.
Eph. 2:19-22. God works in our lives today.
1 Peter 2:4-10. Emphasize God’s gifts and feeds our spirit.

God is building us and putting us together/unifying us. We are all priests.
We are called upon to make a decision to choose Jesus who is the cornerstone.

—Robert Lee, 9-19-04.

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