It is springtime and we are seeing plants begin to grow.  It is disappointing when we expect something to grow and it doesn’t.   This most disappointed farmer in the universe is God.

The Parable of The Sower

Matt. 13:3-23

Mark 4:2-20

Luke 8:4-15

The seed is the word of God.  What good would a half of a seed be?  We as Christians need to get the fullness of the word.  Acts 20:18-27  Paul gave the fullness to help these Christian.  We need to live fully for God so we can bear the fruit we should. Our public teaching needs to cover the whole word and we all have a responsibility to make sure it is taught fully.

The Soil Represents Us

  • The Hard Soil

We need to be receptive to the word.

Matt. 21:18-32

Jesus used the fig tree to show us that we will die spiritually if we don’t bear fruit for him.  Sometimes the people who have the most access to the message are the least receptive.  Are you listening to God today?

  • The Rocky Soil

Luke 8:4-15

We must have the depth to withstand the hard times.  Luke 21:33-36  Guard your heart against the worries of life so that you are ready to receive God.  Don’t have rocks in your heart.  James 4:7-8  Purify your hearts so that you can serve God.

1 Peter 1:22-23  Go deep in your life and get rid of what keeps you from being a strong believer. 

  • The Thorny Soil

Luke 8:4-15

The thorns can choke what you want to grow.  We need to put aside the things that we should be thinking about.  We have to be purposeful in what we take in to our minds.  Matt. 6:24

We can’t have it all.  We can’t multi-task God.  We must put God first.

  • The Good Soil

Luke 8:4-15

We need to produce what we can for the Lord. God wants us to do as much as we are able.  Eph. 1:18-21  Don’t limit what God can do with our lives.  We can tap into God’s power.  God’s seed produces the fruit. 

—Robert Lee, 5-22-05, a.m.

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