Secret Manifested
Rev. 1:20. The symbols here are being made known by God’ power.

Mystery in Jesus Christ
Rom. 16:25-27. This clearly shows that Jesus was the culmination of God’s plan.
Eph. 1:9-10. God made His plan clear and His plan was made and carried out because of His kindness. God brought Jesus into the world at just the right time to fulfill his plan for mankind.
Col. 1-25-2:3. Jesus is the central character in God’s plan. Everyone has the opportunity to understand God’s plan, which before Jesus, had not been fully revealed, but now is made plain through His Word. All the wisdom and treasures are made clear in Jesus to those who open their hearts and fill their lives with him.
1 Tim. 3:16. The mystery of connecting with God is fulfilled in Jesus.
2 Thess. 2:7. To those who don’t choose Jesus, Satan gives a different choice.
May we love God’s truth and not be tripped up by Satan’s lies.

The Gentiles Included
Rom. 11:25-27. All people who are part of the spiritual Israel are united in God’s plan for mankind.
Eph. 3:1-10. Everyone has an opportunity to live for God. God can change anyone’s life.
1Cor. 13:2. Love is the foundation to changing our lives. Understanding the mystery is nothing if we don’t change and love others.

Stewards of the Mystery
1Cor. 4:1-2.
Eph. 6:18.Paul was excited that he was entrusted with the truth and that he could preach the Good News that changes people’s lives.
1Tim. 3:8-10. All servants of the church need to hold on to the mystery of the faith.

The Mystery Finished
Rev. 10:5-7. God’s plan unfolds as we wait for the return of Jesus.
1Cor. 15:50-54. Death will be swallowed up in victory as God’s plan is fulfilled and we will live eternally with God.

—Robert Lee, 10-31-04, p.m.

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