Halloween is a day that many Christians have mixed feelings about. Many of the events are about fear and darkness. Mystery in our society has an element of fear. Mystery as it is found in the Bible, means something is being revealed.

God Reveals Mysteries
Psalm 25:14. God reveals things to those who have humble hearts.
Matt. 13:34-35. Jesus is one who gave us the Good News.

God Reveals To Believers

1 Cor. 2:1-16. Three Great Contrasts:

Verses 1-5.
1. Human Weakness vs. God’s Power
We can only overcome our flaws through God’s grace. Paul was an example of someone who was weak and somewhat unimpressive physically, yet able to share the word through God’s support. Jesus also came as a humble and common person.

God is powerful and good and He is concerned about us. One of the mysteries revealed in the Bible is how a great God loves His people.

Verses 6-13. God’s wisdom is a mystery that is revealed in the Bible.

2. Wisdom revealed to mature/Wisdom hidden from others

God’s Spirit gave us the Bible. The Spirit of God gives us all life and Godliness.

Verses 14-16. We have the mind of Christ. The spiritual person has the love of Christ.

3. Foolishness to natural man/Understood by Spiritual man

When people don’t understand the message of God, it’s because we are resisting. God helps the weak, but He gives us a choice.

God Withholds From Unbelievers
Matt. 13:11-17. God gives all we need. Our belief opens up the doors to the wonderful gifts of God.

Matt. 11:25-30. God’s invitation is open to anyone.

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