“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

God’s Power for Salvation

(Please read Romans 1:16)

October 2

Power, especially on a large scale, always attracts attention. Think how we are always amazed at the awesome power of natural events such as hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes.

Much of our attention these days is on another kind of power, the power of destruction that resides in nuclear missiles owned by this country and a few other nations. The world has seen two cities destroyed by atomic power, and thoughtful world leaders realize that nuclear weapons must be destroyed or controlled very carefully to avoid a catastrophe of gigantic proportions.

Let’s turn now to another aspect of God’s awesome power – the power to save people. This “power for salvation” is now exercised through the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ as contained in the Bible. It is a form of God’s power which is unique in all the earth, and even unique to the age in which we live, the Christian Age.

The powers we mentioned earlier are likely to cause death and destruction, but this power of God leads to life. The word “power” in our text is from the same original word as dynamo and dynamic. A dynamic person is a doer, a “mover and shaker.” And God uses the gospel of Christ to move people to obey him.

Obey? Of course. It is inherent in the nature of the gospel that it works to save only those who accept it. After all, our text speaks of God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes. That reveals some beautiful things about the gospel – it’s meant for all people and it’s as close as your nearest Bible.


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