How We Can All Be Winners 

The Victory over Jericho – Joshua 5:13-6:27 – Joshua and the people obeyed God and got the victory.

In terms of earthly competions, the Olympic Games are a unique worldwide event.  What would it be like to win a gold medal?  We are drawn to these kinds of events.  How does the picture of a gold medal winner on a stand contrast to the picture of the humble Lord hanging on the cross?  When Jesus gave his life, he had overcome the powers of sin and death.  He was God’s Victor. Because of the victory of Jesus, we have the victory over death.

Christ’s Victory

  • Luke 11:20-23 – When the strong man is overcome it shows where the power is.  God overcomes evil. 
  • 1 Cor. 15:20-28 – Jesus overcame death because God was working in him to conquer all forces.  Jesus submitted always to God.  Because of Jesus we can have the victory.
  • Phil. 2:8-11 – All will bow down to Jesus.  We will all be at the feet of Jesus.
  • Col. 2:15 – God’s plan was accomplished through Jesus.  Someday all evil will be demolished.

Our Victory in Christ

  • John 16:33 – Jesus says he is a victor and because of that we can have peace in our lives.  It’s like we do know an Olympic winner.
  • Romans 8:37 -We can overwhelmingly conquer because of Christ.  It’s almost like the winner is pulling us up from onto the medal stand with him.
  • 2 Cor. 2:14 -Paul said that God leads us in triumph wherever we go.  We are winners because of Jesus.  If you look at the circumstances of Paul’s physical life, he doesn’t look like a winner, his faith made him recognize the victory of Jesus.
  • 1 John 5:4-5 -Our faith gives us the victory.  We don’t have to be broken and defeated by life because Christ has won and he shares the Victory with us.

Rewards in Christ

To Him Who Overcomes

  • Rev. 2:7,2:11,2:17,2:26-28,3:5, 3:12, 3:21, 21:7
  • Access to the tree of life
  • Will not be hurt by the second death
  • Eternal manna and a ticket to the event with our New Name
  • All the Authority of Christ
  • Relationship with God
  • We will permanently connected with God
  • Sit down with Jesus on the throne
  • Son of God

We have an eternal victory through Jesus.  We don’t have to sit back and wonder what’s its like to be a victor, we have that in Christ. 

—Robert Lee, 8-24-08, a.m.

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