Eph. 2:10 

Matt. 12:14: Prophecy of the gentleness and patience of Christ. A basket maker will generally through away a broken reed. Jesus will not through out the broken people. Jesus will not give up on us. God wants us to be what we can and do good works in the name of Jesus.

Eph. 2:8-10: Grace is a gift to God’s workmanship. God works with us to save us and help us give good works to others.  He will not give up on us. God’s patience is unlimited. Encouragement often comes to us through our brother’s and sisters.

 Guest Speaker Robbie Goldman

The Dry Bones Ministry


We are created for good works.  What do we do with our good works?  Do we put them in a museum so we can admire them?

Acts 1:9: Why do you stand and look? Are we standing and looking today?  We should be doing the good works we are created for.  John 18:35: My Kingdom is not of this world?  What should we be doing? 

There are 2300 people between the ages of12 and 26 homeless in Denver and they are hopeless and lost. 

What can we do for them? Lord it over them? We need to put power under these kids. We need to love them. We need to give them the love of God. These people need relationship with those who love God. God is pursuing these kids.  Join God where he is at work. 

People belonged with Jesus before they knew about Jesus. He sent people before they believed. These children are finding a place to belong before they believe in God. Many of these children don’t know how to be loved. Power is helping them know we love our neighbor because God loves us. 

Can you love your neighbor? Do you want to love your neighbor? Will you be an ordinary Christian in love with Jesus Christ and your neighbor? Be an ordinary radical and love yourself as God’s workmanship, love Jesus your neighbor. 

-—Introductory remarks by Chuck Huffine, 9-30-07, a.m.

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