Ephesians 2:10

Have you ever built or created something?  How did it make you feel?  Were you satisfied, did you feel accomplished?  We are God’s creation. 

  • Jeremiah 18:1-17

God is pictured as a creator.  God is especially our spiritual creator.  In this illustration, God is the potter and humans are the clay.  The potter has total control in the creation process.  The clay has no say in what happens to it.  God is in control of our lives.   We need to understand our need to trust God.

  • Romans 9:14-26

God uses human circumstances to mold our lives and to show his glory.  The focus here is how God has mercy on each of us and makes our broken lives useful to him.

  • Romans 10:6-13

Whoever believes in God will not be disappointed.  We each have a part to play in our own salvation.  We can make ourselves available through belief and humility to God to use us for his plans.

How does God Mold Us?

Through His Word

  • John 15:2-3

God’s word can reach into the human heart and cause transformation.  When we submit to God’s word we will find God’s way for our lives.

Through People


Romans 1:11-12

God uses our interactions to change us and make us who he wants us to be.

Through Circumstances/Nature

James 1:2-6

God can use difficulties to make us who he wants us to be.

Through Miracles

God can use the circumstances, but he wants us to be doing our part.

2 Cor. 3:18

If we yield ourselves to God, he will transform us.


—Robert Lee, 6-26-05, a.m.

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