Fear is not something we look forward to experiencing. But there is an essential fear in our lives.

The Fear of The Lord (Prov. 1:7.)
1. Recognizing God’s Greatness
2. Recognizing our smallness

Submitting Ourselves To God
Numbers 12:5-9. Moses is leading and his family becomes jealous of him. God asks why were they not afraid to speak against His decision. We are too small to speak against God.
Numbers 20:8-13. Moses loses his fear of God and because of his attitude; he lost his opportunity to see the Promised Land. We need to take our attitude towards God seriously and realize that our relationship with God is based on our respect for Him.
Deut. 9:18-19. We should pray and be humble before God.
Deut. 17:12-13.We have arrogance so we need to be reminded by God that we need have Godly fear by submitting our lives to God.
Deut. 21-18-21. We should not allow arrogance in our society.
Job 37:22-24. It is appropriate to fear God.
Psa. 9:19. Let us remember we are the creation not the creator.
Psa. 36:1-4. When we allow pride to take over we are proud of our sins.
Psa. 76:4-12. God loves the humble.
Prov. 3:5-12. Don’t use only your standard to judge yourself. God gives us the standard.
Luke 23:39-40. We can be overwhelmed by our own arrogance.
Romans 3:18. Evil does not recognize God
Romans 11:20-21. Submit to God.

Fearing God, And Love
1 John 4:18. We are called to Love God. We don’t live in terror, but because we love and respect God and to honor His love and gifts to us.

—Robert Lee, 3-28-04, a.m.

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