James 2:14-26

When you believe in God there are things you are going to do.

Romans 4:1-8

It takes God’s grace to get to heaven.  You cannot earn your way to heaven.  God’s grace is freely offered.

Faith, Works, Grace – This is almost a dichotomy.

  • A List of Works 2 Peter 1:1-11

We need to add to faith knowledge of the word.  Next add self-control to knowledge and then make a practice of acting on our knowledge and love.

  • A List of Works Gal. 5:16-26

Some of these works are things we shouldn’t do.  The more of

The fruits of the spirit we have in our lives, the more pleased God is with us.

John 3:10-21

Our belief and our acting on our belief in Christ is what allow God’s grace to enter our lives.

Acts 2:36-38

God’s grace is a gift.  Faith is our way of accepting God’s grace.  Works are our way of exercising our faith.

1 Tim. 3:1-13

We should all strive to be considered as leaders in the Lord’s church.  We should strive to build others up.  One way to help build others up is to attend the services, attend to the needs of others, and pray for others.  We all have responsibilities to do the work we need to be doing for the Lord.  Are we giving ourselves and others the love we need to grow our faith?  When we help others we are growing our own Christianity.   Are you growing today?  

Eddie Bigler, 11-27-05, a.m.

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