“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Gracious Giving

(Please read Acts 9:36-39)

December 12

If you have grown children, you probably have some keepsakes around the house which have some rough edges, to say the least. A ceramic soap dish that doesn’t quite sit flat on a flat surface; a handmade Mother’s Day card, complete with misspelled words and coloring inside and outside the lines; a wooden wall plaque with words burned into it on uneven lines; and so on. Chances are that such things as these are treasured far beyond their material value, simply because so much love went into their making.

A few of us cherish quilts that were pieced together by our grandmothers and perhaps were finished at a quilting bee where several good friends got together and did fine work while enjoying a daylong visit. Those old quilts, priceless today, still speak silently of love and goodwill. That’s what was happening in our text as her friends showed Peter the gifts Dorcas had made and which they would always treasure.

Such things seem worthy of much thought in connection with planning gifts for others. For example, would Cousin Joe and his wife rather have an expensive but impersonal Christmas card with your name printed on it or a plain, personal note just for them, about ordinary matters in your life and theirs and expressing love and good wishes? See, gracious giving doesn’t always require much outlay of cash, just an outgoing heart.

The Lord recognizes that there is one debt we will always owe to one another, the debt of love (see Romans 13:8). And isn’t it great to keep “paying” on that debt with little gifts of love!


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