• Pain of Mothers

Physical childbirth is a trial, but that is only the beginning of the pain of having children.

Ruth 1:5,20-21

Look at the pain of Naomi in the loss of her children.

Would she have had the children if she had known?

Ruth 4:15

Naomi is praising God because in his grace, he gave her Ruth.

Prov. 10:1

When you have a wayward child the grief is continuous. 

  • Peacefulness of Mothers

Isaiah 49:15

God is related as a loving mother. 

Isaiah 66:13

God turns to an illustration of a child being comforted by his mother as an example of compassionate love. 

  • Persistence of Mothers

Matt. 15:21-28

Jesus said that he didn’t come for this woman, but for the children of Israel.  Her constant asking helped her child heal.

Matt. 20:20-23

The mother of the disciples asked Jesus for favors for her sons.

  • Protection of Mothers

Matt. 23:37

Mothers will give themselves to save the kids.

  • Patience of Mothers

Mark 3:20-21,31-35

Jesus’ mother was there for him. 

  • Power of Mothers

2 Timothy 1:5, 3:14-15 

The apostle Paul praises these women for their influence on Timothy.

What could be greater than a Mother?

Matt. 10:37-39

Jesus Christ is greater than all.

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