“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Grow Up in Your Salvation”

(Please read 1 Peter 2:2)

October 6

Almost every adult is fond of watching children. We like to be with them. We love to watch them grow and develop new skills, and we make much ado over the first loose tooth and over the ever-ascending height marks on the door facing. For these miniature people capture our hearts without even trying.

But sometimes a dark cloud hovers over us as a child fails to grow normally. Then we seek medical help and offer anguished prayers. Because we want the best for children, we want them to develop normally.

In a similar way, we shower love on spiritual infants – people who have just become Christians. Maybe it’s hard to think of, say, 40-year-old folks as “newborn babies,” the term Peter used (NIV), but that’s what they are if they have just recently been baptized into Christ. We hold them close to our hearts, delight in their progress and pray for their continued development.

As time goes by, we also expect to see signs of increasing maturity in these “babies,” evidence that they are becoming more knowledgeable about how to please the Lord, more stable in their faith and less likely to make childish mistakes. Failure to grow spiritually is no less serious than stunted physical growth, and we must try to avoid that problem.

Peter’s “prescription” is contained in our text: feed on the words of the Lord. If Bible reading is not a joy for you, please resolve now to keep at it on a daily basis until it becomes second nature. Only through the Word can you really “grow up in your salvation.”

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