“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Hearers or Doers

(Please read Matthew 7:24-27)

January 6

One of our members has set our text to music, and the song ends loudly and dramatically on the last word as the singers shout (instead of singing) the word “crash!” (NIV).

That discordant ending helps emphasize the point of Jesus’ parable here, for there is no happy ending when people build their lives on the wrong foundation. Note carefully that the wise man builds on a solid foundation, which is clearly indicated to be what Jesus called “these words of mine.” Jesus likely recalled his days as a carpenter when he uttered this parable, but even the least-accomplished handyman among us knows that a good foundation is essential for a good building.

While the wise man in the parable built on the words of Christ, the foolish man built on what? Think of any philosophy (or lack of one) that has no substance and it could be the “sand” on which many people are building their lives. Perhaps they build on the shifting sands of public opinion or political correctness, or on their efforts to become wealthy or famous, or on the sensual pleasures of life, or simply on their own egos. In any case, as James wrote, they are deceiving themselves, like a man who looks in the mirror and promptly forgets what he looks like (see James 1:22-25).

“These words of mine” are the key to knowing ourselves and to successful building for this life and eternity. Christ’s teaching is the rock, while all else is shifting sand. May he bless us as we build and as we make this firm foundation known to others. ‘

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