As a child, our speaker was thrilled one Christmas to receive tickets to Disneyland.  He and his brothers were thrilled with anticipation to go o a place they had never been.  Today we can look forward to going to heaven even though we’ve never been there.

  • Israel in Egypt

Exodus 3:7-17

Moses prepared the people for the journey to the land God had prepared for them.  He spoke of a land flowing with milk and honey.

Numbers 13:25-14:10a

Some of the scouts come back and change the picture by focusing on the challenges and problems of taking the land.

When God gives us a hopeful picture we need to hold on and believe God’s promises.

Deut. 11:8-12

God’s promise is repeated to a new generation.

  • Israel in Babylon

Ezek. 20:1-49

The people seem as if they have nothing.  God reminds the people again of his promise of giving them the land of milk and honey.

Ezek. 34-48

Again God reiterates his promise and gives his people a hopeful vision of the future.

Even in the time of Jesus it seems like the promise hadn’t been totally fulfilled.

Luke 2:25,38

Simeon knew that Jesus was the fulfillment of the promise.  When people have a hopeful vision of God, they are ready for the best that is ahead.

  • Persecuted Christians

Christians don’t always have easy lives.

Rev. 21:1-22:5

What kind of hope would this vision give people who had lost loved ones or had been jail?

What kind of hope does it give you today?

Maybe we can see the hope that this gave the early Christians.

1 Peter 1:3-5

This is our inheritance.  We need to hold onto the hope that is ours.

2 Tim. 4:7-8

We have a crown victory.

Phil. 1:23

We love Jesus.

2 Cor. 5:8

We are at home with Jesus.

Rom. 8:18-25

 We will be set free from all that is wrong in this world.  God is completely good and he wants us with him.

 Robert Lee, 5-15-05, a.m.

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