“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Heroes of the Faith

(Please read Matthew 5:13-16)

August 23

They are usually called “role models,” but we call them heroes. Not the heroes of fiction, but real-life people whom we learn to admire and look up to and, in some respects, pattern our lives after. Everybody needs heroes. They show us, by doing, that a thing can be done. They encourage us to goodness because they are good. They influence us and reach us and just generally make us feel better when we’re reading about them or lucky enough to be around them in person.

We have to be careful, of course, both in choosing our heroes and in imitating them. Even the eminent men and women of the Bible, except for One, had their faults and were not worthy of emulation in every respect. But the Christian home has a great advantage when it comes to selecting heroes. Its children can become familiar with the patience of Job, the faith of Abraham and the meekness of Moses, for example, at an early age. Chances are their Bible heroes will influence them for life.

Our list of Christian heroes doesn’t have to stop with the end of the New Testament. There have been people since then whose Christian service has earned them the title. Many have been and are relatively unknown. They may never be applauded by the population at large or even by the church at large. They may be hardly known and recognized for what they are outside their own families or their own congregations. But their work and influence will last for generations.

If you’re not yet such a hero, we hope you aspire to be one.

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