“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

High Road to What?

(Please read Proverbs 22:6)

August 9

There was the heading: “The Verse-a-Day System the High Road to Heresy,” over an article by Alexander Campbell, in The Millenial Harbinger, July 1832. Noting that the practice of reading and memorizing scripture every day had been much extolled of late, Brother Campbell commented: “It is a dangerous course. This was one principal cause of my ruin. My father, from my earliest recollections, imposed this task upon me, and not upon me only, but made it a part of his domestic economy. All his children and domestics were . . . compelled to commit one complete period, whether one or more verses, and to repeat it every evening when the family assembled for worship. . . . The consequence was, his children became heretical, and were ruined. . . . We doubted of every thing that had not a ‘thus saith the Lord’ for it. When I had completed what is usually called an education, or after some fifteen or sixteen years’ schooling, and had counted 21 years, I was good for nothing. The Bible had spoiled me. . . .” This, he said, was “the high road to heresy.”

That, of course, was really a spoof intended to point up the value of memorizing scripture. That practice makes too much sense to be successfully criticized. It has so much in its favor and nothing against it, except —

Well, except us. We find it hard to arrange time for the Bible and still do all the other things we think we need to do. If that situation prevails, let’s turn it around before too late. Even if we have to start with just a “verse a day.”

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