History of the Congregation

The congregation was known as “Denver Church of Christ” when its first meeting was held in a downtown building in June 1946, with Howard Lawless driving up from Colorado Springs to do the preaching. Several months later, when the group was meeting in the Albany Hotel downtown, Brother Lawless moved to Denver to work with the church. About that time, the group was augmented by some new arrivals, including Harold and Gene Leavelle and their wives, who had moved from Texas. In May 1948 the group began meeting in a room at the Barnes School of Commerce. Later that year Edwin Hedges and his family arrived from Indiana and became part of the congregation.

In the early 1950’s, with help from churches in Texas, Kansas and Indiana, the group purchased lots in neighboring Aurora, at 13th and Iola Streets, and bought a surplus government barracks building. They moved it to the lots and obtained a small loan from the church at Harper, Kansas, to convert the building into a meeting place and an apartment. The first seats in this building were obtained from Denver Tramway Company streetcars no longer in use.

A new church building was completed in 1962 on the Iola Street lots, replacing the old barracks building, and in 1981 the congregation constructed and moved into its present building.

Besides Brother Lawless, other preachers who have worked full-time with the congregation include Jack McCormick and Terry Bouchelle. Robert Lee’s ministry here began September 1, 1976.



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Bible Study - Wednesdays 7:00 pm
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