“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“How Are the Children?”

(Please read Ephesians 6:1-4)

June 13

It is said that when two or more members of the fabled Masai tribe in Africa meet up after not having seen one another for a while, they have an interesting conversation. They first “eat the news,” which opens the door for talk about their families and related matters.

Soon comes the inquiry, “How are the wife and children?” The traditional answer is said to be, “All the children are well,” meaning that peace and safety prevail, that the priorities of protecting the young, the powerless, are in place, that Masai society has not forgotten its reason for being, its proper functions and responsibilities. Like most African tribes, the Masai place a very high value on children. When the children are safe and in good health, life is good. It seems that for people who really care about home and family, the welfare of the children will not be neglected in spite of the problems encountered in daily living.

Whether those problems are magnified by poverty or even by too much wealth, the responsibility remains for parents to take care of their children. We wish every family in this country could understand that. If poor people, struggling for a living, can be continually concerned that things are well with their children, shouldn’t the concern of generally well-to-do people for their children be just as great?  Can it be that national prosperity breeds a selfish unconcern about the children?

Perhaps if our priorities become much more topsy-turvy, the missionary exchange should be turned around so Americans can relearn some simple yet profound lessons from the Africans.

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