Luke 11:1-13

It is sometimes easier to be humble, as we get older. We begin to see our dependencies on others.

As we read the scripture from Luke, think about these three questions:

1. What role should God play in our life?

2. What does God expect from me?

3. Does this bring insecurity or security to me?

What role should God play in our life?
· Caring Father. This is the way we pray, to our heavenly Father. We have a personal relationship with God. Do we have the relationship with God that we will turn to Him in times of need?
· Sovereign Lord. We want God to rule over us and we want to submit our lives to Him. God’s desires become my desires. We must yield ourselves to Him.
· Sole Provider. God gives us all we need as we ask continuously. God is the only source of the Holy Spirit for our lives.

What does God expect from me?
· Faith and Trust. We are called to rely on God and trust Him to supply what we need.
· Humility. We need to praise God and lift Him up.
· Intensity. We need to work to keep our relationship with God vital – with depth and energy and vibrancy. We need to pray with a focus on what we need to be the Christian God has planned for us to be.
· Activity. We need to be persistent and pursue what God has set out for us to do.

Does this bring insecurity or security to me?
· Secure. Living with a faith and trust in God. We can have more hope.
James 4:1-10. James says to humble yourself before God so that we can have the heart God wants.
James 5:13. We can be ready to recognize the blessings from God.
Phil. 4:4-7. Let your requests be made known to God with Thanksgiving.
Luke 17:15-16. One person thanked God for all God has done.
Luke 18:10-12. God was not thanked. This man’s focus was on himself.

Let’s give God the thanks and glory!

—Robert Lee, 11-14-04, a.m.

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