Sometimes the most unimpressive looking individual can camouflage the most amazing talent.  The outside doesn’t always match the inside.  When we judge by the outside we run the risk of the sin of contempt.

The Sin of Contempt

  • Romans 14:3, 10 – God does not accept our attitudes of contempt for others.  We become a judge if we have contempt.  We must respect our differences.
  • Luke 18:9-14 –  Pharisees were highly respected in that society.  Tax-collectors were thought of as people who were working with the enemy and also people who took more money than they should.   These are the two Jesus uses as an example.  The Pharisee sounds so thankful.  Jesus says he was really praying to himself- I thank you that I have done this.  I thank you that I am better than other people.  I thank you that I am better than this tax collector.  Did the tax collector hear this?  The tax collector came to the temple to seek help and then the spiritual leader has contempt for him.  The Tax Collector simply brought his whole load of sin to God and walked away justified.  God is merciful.  He can take all sin by his grace and justify all sinners who confess. Who knows what sins the Pharisee cold have gotten relief from that day if he would have been honest.

Paul’s Example

  • Phil. 3:2-9 –  The apostle Paul had previously had the attitude of the Pharisee.  Saul changed his attitude to that of the Tax Collector when he had his encounter with Jesus.  Paul wanted to have the blessings of true righteousness that comes from real confession of our sins and shortcomings.
  • 1 Tim. 1:12-17 – By recognizing his attitude of rebellion to God and bringing that before God, Paul was able to be forgiven.  Paul’s attitude became one of overwhelming Praise and Thanksgiving.

Justified by God’s Grace

  • Titus3:3-7  -This message of change and forgiveness is for us.  God sent his son, Jesus, to give us a chance to be right with him.  God is calling.

—Robert Lee, 11-11-07, a.m.

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