We are here to worship God.  We need to examine ourselves for how we stand before God.  Are we proud to be a Christian?  We should be proud of the gift we’ve received from God.  We should not be proud of our status as Christians and consider ourselves better than others.  The gift is available to all who look for it. 

  • Humility is Christ

We should be humble before God.  We can succeed when we are humble before God.  Humility in Christ means God will exalt us, not that we will lift up ourselves.  Romans 12:3  — We should be sober in our judgment of ourselves. 

Romans 12:4 — We all have our own strengths.  Just because we’ve accomplished something doesn’t mean we are better than others. 

Jesus came to earth to seek and save the lost.  Jesus was compassionate.  Jesus prayed for those who believed.   Jesus was not prideful.  Philippians 2:5 — Jesus humbled himself and God exalted him.   

Jesus is our example of obedience and our example of serving others.  Jesus loves us. We need to have the same attitude as Christ towards people.  The urgency of the gospel is still with us today.  We are called to spread the good news to all today. 

In Philippians it says that Jesus was a bondservant.  Literally, a bondservant sold himself to pay his debt.  Jesus gave himself for us — to pay our debt.

James 1:9 — The Christian should imitate Christ in humility. 

  • The Christian Heart And Mind

God will build up our faith so that we can have the right attitude.  God has a vast supply of help for us.  

Matt. 18:1-4

Who is the greatest? Jesus said that a child is humble and pure. A child has a pure heart.  God wants us to have the heart of a child. 

Colossians 3:12 — Clothe yourself with the great attitudes of Christ.  We need to be wearing these attitudes in this cold world.  

1 Peter 3:8 — All live in harmony with on another.  God wants us to have the attitudes that stem from love of others.  We are not to worry about rewards. 

Matt. 23:12 — If we exalt ourselves we will be humbled.   1 Peter 5:6 — God wills us troubles to help us grow.  When we are humble, God will lift us up. God will restore your faith.  

Each of us has The Holy Spirit in us so when we sit together, God is sitting with us.

Acts 20:19 —  Serve God with humility and tears.

We want to follow Jesus example as a humble servant.  God will lift us up.  

—Scott Tarkenton, 2-6-05, a.m. 

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