“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“I Am So Eager to Preach” 

(Please read Romans 1:14-15)

October 27

Let’s think for a few moments today about Paul, the apostle who wrote the words in our text. Brought up as a Pharisee, he was well-educated and an expert in the Law of Moses.

As a young man, Paul worked hard to uphold “the Law” and its way of life. So when followers of Christ began converting Jews to their new faith, Paul began fighting for the old ways. He even approved of imprisonment and death as ways to stop the spread of what he considered a false religion.

After some success in Jerusalem, Paul decided to branch out with his anti-Christian activities, so he obtained the high priest’s approval to take his murderous threats to Damascus, and off he went.

But before he reached that city, something happened that changed Paul’s life. He met the Lord and became a Christian. He still had his zeal, still threw himself wholly into his mission. But his mission had changed as well; now he was as enthusiastic in preaching Christ as he had been in persecuting him. Now he felt that he owed all people a debt, which made him eager to preach.

Only heaven knows the magnitude of the missionary work of this great apostle. Besides his success in his lifetime, he goes on preaching through his words in the Bible, still bringing people to Christ. Thank God for Paul and for his colleagues in ministry – and for Christian men today and in all the years since their time who have also been “so eager to preach.” May their tribe increase, and may their work be blessed beyond measure.

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