“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“I Was Afraid” 

(Please read Matthew 25:14-30)

October 28

The failure of the one-talent servant is a principal point in the parable in our text. But we shouldn’t assume that every “one talent” person in the modern meaning of that term is or will be a failure. His failure was not in the amount of money involved but in his refusal to invest it. Actually, in this parable it could have been either of the others who failed if they had had the attitude the one-talent man turned out to have. So let’s look briefly at that poor fellow.

His excuse was a harsh one, intended to transfer the blame from himself to his master. Perhaps he built up this mean attitude toward the boss because he thought that man was going to expect as much from him as from the other two servants and was afraid he could not deliver.

Besides his low opinion of his master, this worthless servant must have been a lazy man. He took the coward’s way out, rather than investigating the possible avenues to success in handling that talent.

Think now of the application of that parable to servants of the Lord, and of talents as measures of our abilities. Knowing that God condemns failure in spiritual matters, how can we possibly be comfortable in hiding our talents, whether they be few or many?

Do we sometimes simply fear that if our talents are discovered we will be asked to do more than we want to do for the Lord? May he help us to answer such questions truthfully, with full understanding of the cost of failure as taught in this parable.

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