“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

The Ideal Guest in God’s House

(Please read Psalm 15)

April 26

 Without going deeply into the wording of this great psalm, we can safely assume that it is asking what kind of people God will allow to be with him in his house, meaning in the church here and in heaven hereafter.

The psalmist then answers his own question, making it clear that anyone in God’s house is a person of high personal integrity. (Please permit us here to use the male pronoun as inclusive of both genders, to save space and avoid awkwardness in reading.) He is characterized by utter honesty. He works righteousness, doing what is right and just toward both God and man. And he speaks truth in his heart – he’s sincere.

It is not enough for him to claim personal uprightness; he has to translate this claim into everyday living. In doing this he meets various negative tests: he does not slander others or do evil to others. He doesn’t hold a grudge.

He refuses to whitewash evil, in himself or others, so he rejects a reprobate’s ways (but still loves that person’s soul). He is benevolent and fair toward others, even when it causes his own hurt. And other fine attributes are listed.

The last sentence in the psalm draws a conclusion about this ideal guest: “He who does these things will never be shaken.” This is blessed assurance indeed – that the servant of God has an anchor that will hold in any storm that may come! We hope such assurance is yours and the Lord will sustain you no matter what difficulties you may face today.

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