“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Improving in the Sanctuary

(Please read Psalm 73:1-28)

June 3

The psalmist had a conflict in his mind, seeing “carefree” sinners prosper while good folks were suffering. And for a time he almost lost his faith, thinking, “Surely in vain have I kept my heart pure” (NIV).

But when he spent some time in the sanctuary, his attitude changed and he again understood the final destiny of the wicked. The sanctuary mentioned here apparently was the place that had been set aside for worship. It was there that the psalm writer thought about his complaint, meditated on God’s promises and came to see life in its true light.

Have you ever been tempted to decide that people who do not serve the Lord fare better than people who do? Have you later come to see how foolish those ideas were, in the light of God’s word as you meditated on it in a sanctuary?

Yes, we do have sanctuaries today. For a sanctuary is simply a “place set apart,” or, more to the point, a place set apart for worship. It isn’t just an “auditorium,” which denotes a place to hear something; for we do a lot more in worship than hearing a sermon. Look at Acts 20:7, which indicates that the disciples came together to do something, not just to hear. Hearing is a very important part of our worship, but prayers and other acts of worship are just as important.

If you’re not regular in sanctuary attendance, please give it a try. Very likely you’ll be better when you come out than when you went in.


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