Old Testament Signs of God as Savior

Isaiah 7:1-9:7  

Isn’t waiting fun?  Most of us do not like to wait.  There are times when we must wait.  Sometimes we are challenged to wait on God.

Isaiah 8:16-18 Isaiah waits on God with eagerness and activity. 

Names of Four Children Exemplify God’s Promise

  1. A remnant will return
  2. Immanuel- God with us
  3. God’ discipline is swift against evil
  4. Messiah – the appointed one of God 

God is a Compassionate Savior

  • Isaiah 7:1-2 Judah under threat of Aram and Israel 2 Kings 16:1-20  The people of Judah were terrified as they were surrounded.
  • Isaiah 7:1-9 -The message of encouragement.  The name of Isaiah’s son’s name(verse 8) means – a remnant will return.  This was the promise of the delivery God would accomplish for these people.  In the future things would get worse, but God’s message is that God will see them through.  Sometimes God’s encouragement comes to us through something very simple.
  • Titus 3:3-7 – God has provided us a way out of spiritual captivity today. 

God is a Sustaining Presence

  • Isaiah 7:10-16-  Here is another example of God being willing to give a sign.  A child would be born whose name will be Immanuel.  This is an example of God giving assurance that He is with us.  Immanuel is God’s promise that he will be with us.
  • Matthew 28:19-20 -Jesus will be with us always.

God is a Just Disciplinarian

  • Isaiah 7:17-8:8 – The child’s name means that God’ discipline is swift against evil.  God hates evil and loves what is good.  God is perfect in his judgment.
  • Rev. 3:19 – God proves those he loves

God is a Benevolent Ruler

  • Isaiah 9:1-7 –  This is the Messiah – the appointed one of God.  He will bring peace, justice, and righteous.  Jesus is Immanuel and Messiah.
  • Hebrews 7:1-3, 15-17 –

God is a Compassionate Savior

  • Isaiah’s name means God’s Salvation
  • John 12:41 – This is the birth of Jesus

Will we be a sign today and live up to our name as Christians?  Even if we have to pay a price?

—Robert Lee, 12-2-07, a.m.

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