Trusting in the Identity of our Lord

Luke 7:18-35 

Jesus and John the Baptist were cousins on earth and were connected Spiritually by God’s plan.

Who is Jesus?

  • Luke 7:18-23 – John’s sent followers to ask.  He expresses his faith. John 1:29-34, John 3:25-30
  • Matt. 11:2-3 – John is in prison.  He sends his followers to Jesus.  John wanted the answer for himself and his followers.  Doubting is different from refusing to believe.
  • Heb. 3:12 – Don’t have an evil heart against God.  This is a different than doubt.
  • Jude 1:22 – Have mercy on the doubter.
  • Mark 9:22-24 -Help me with my unbelief

Jesus response

  • Not upset
  • Did not mock
  • Did not insult
  • Gave the evidence John needed – blind given sight, lame walk, sick healed – tell John what you saw today

We can take our doubts to Jesus.  Be ready to accept the evidence of God.

  • Evidence in nature
  • Evidence in Christian’s lives
  • Accept God’s grace

John’s character and focus

  • He continued to seek the “One” from God, Jeremiah 29:13
  • We are called by God to seek- Luke 11:9-13, John continued to seek God’s plan
  • He continued his ministry of proclaiming the way of the Lord.

Who is John?

  • Luke 7:24-27 – Jesus said what do you hear from John?  Is he blowing in the wind?  Is he going after the rich?
  • Isaiah 40:3-5, Mark 1:1-8 – A messenger of God to prepare the way for Jesus.  John the Baptist was the messenger.

Jesus says John was:

  • A messenger
  • A great man on earth
  • John wasn’t as great as any person in the kingdom of God
  • Col. 1:13-14 -God rescued us from sin and made us part of His kingdom.  As Christian you are more greatly blessed than John the Baptist because we have forgiveness of sin and the holy spirit.

Who are We?

  • Luke 7:28-35 – Are we responding to God today? 
  • Prov. 8:1-11 – We can show wisdom from God in our lives
  • James 3:17-18 -Peace in our lives is the wisdom from above. 

We have a choice to be reconciled to God and have his peace.

—Robert Lee, 4-26-09, a.m.

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