“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Jesus and the Commonplace

(Please read John 13:1-17)

December 3

On the night before Jesus would be taken from them, his disciples were distracted by jealousy over which of them would be greatest in the new kingdom. Perhaps this was the reason none of them volunteered to do something so menial as washing the others’ feet. (Such washing was a necessity due to the type of sandals they wore and the dusty trails they walked on. In homes with servants, the servants usually did the foot washing.)

But the chore was not beneath the dignity of their Lord. Here was the Savior of all mankind, about to go through hours of agony, yet he took time for a small thing and at the same time taught his disciples a lesson in humility.

This is not the only instance of Jesus being concerned with common things. He spoke of the gift of a cup of cold water being noticed and approved by heaven. He shed tears at the tomb of his friend Lazarus even though he knew he would presently raise that friend from the dead. He also wept over Jerusalem because he saw that its citizens had brought destruction on themselves. He took note of the widow who put all her money into the temple treasury, and the grieving widow at Nain as she followed the body of her only child to the graveyard. He healed untold numbers of sick people. And the list could go on.

So we don’t have to be “important” people to get his attention. And the judgment scene pictured in Matthew 25 makes it clear that small deeds will loom large in his sight.

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