This is the day the Lord has made and we are able to praise God today.  Take inventory of your life as we read e scriptures today.

Acts 2:22

Attributes of Jesus

  • Seed of women
  • Passover lamb
  • High Priest
  • Cloud by day and cloud of fire by night
  • When red sea was opened
  • Jesus took Joseph from pit to palace
  • Jesus was with Daniel
  • Jesus was obedient in all things
  • Jesus was a preacher of God
  • Salvation is through Jesus
  • Jesus is the way to God
  • Jesus is at the right hand of the Father 

We run into trouble when we leave Jesus.  Humble yourself to Jesus the ruler. 

Christian need to stand up for the things of God.  Live your life so the world can see Christ in you.  Jesus is God’s beloved son appointed to oversee His things on earth.  There is room today at the cross for those who believe in Jesus.  Believe and live eternally with him. What will you do today? 

—James Jamison, 3-30-08, a.m.

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