We are called on to recognize earthly authority in our society or we will pay the price.  Spiritually, we need to recognize the authority of Jesus.


Old Testament Prophecies

  • Genesis 49:10

Israel at this point is only a family and this prophecy says that a king will come from this lineage.

  • Numbers 24:17

Now Israel is a large tribe of people.  Balaam wants to curse Israel, but God keeps taking over. In this verse there is a prediction of a king to come with authority.

  • 1Samuel 2:10

Hannah prays for a son and God gives her Samuel. There is a prophecy about a powerful king to come even though a judge rules the land at this time.

  • 1 Samuel 8:22

This is where the people ask for a king to rule the land.

  • 2 Samuel 7:12-16

God tells David that God will put a King on the throne who will be there forever.


God guarantees that this kingdom will last forever. This is the kingdom of God’s son.


  • Psalm 2:1-12

God has installed his king (his son) on the throne. This kingdom goes to the ends of the earth. All are called on to submit to him and bow down.

Psalm 45:1-17

Psalm 72:1-7

Psalm 110:1-7


The prophecy of a king continues to grow through the Prophets.

  • Isaiah 9:6-7

The government will rest on (the son’s) his shoulders. Other references include:

Jer. 23:5-6

Ezek. 37:24-28

Daniel 2:44-45

Daniel 7:13-14

The kingdom is universal and eternal.

Hosea 3:5

Micah 5:1-5a

Zech. 9:9


New Testament Fulfillment

  • Matt. 2:2

We have seen a star.

  • John 12:12-19

Jesus, the Son of God, enters Jerusalem seated on a donkey (colt).This was an exciting day. These people were looking for this day. 


This kingdom is a spiritual kingdom that is much more fulfilling to the soul. We need to understand that we are able now to enjoy the fulfillment of centuries of prophecy and promise.


  • 1 Cor. 15:23-28

Today Christ us our king and we need to submit our lives to Him today.

  •  Rev. 5:4-6

Jesus has all authority to order the future.  He is our king.

  • Rev. 17:14

We are the called and chosen and faithful.

  • Rev. 19:11-16

He is the Word of God who rules.  He is the King of Kings.

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