When was the last time someone prayed for you?  It is humbling and encouraging for someone to pray for you.

Luke 22:31-34

  • Satan Demands

Jesus says that Satan demands that Peter be tested.  Others were tested as a result of Satan’s demands:  Adam and Eve in

Gen. 3: 1-7, Job in Job 1-2: Jesus in Luke 4:1-13

1 Peter 5:6-11

All who seek to follow God will be tested.  We should not be surprised when we are tested.  This passage promises that if we trust in God, he will see us through. 

  • Jesus Prays

Jesus prayed that Peter could endure the trial.  Jesus knew what was going to happen and he knew Peter and his weaknesses and strengths. Jesus was sympathetic to Peter.  Jesus knows our challenges and he prays for us.

Jesus is our perfect high priest.  The human high priests told about in the Bible are humans who don’t know our weaknesses and our strengths.  They failed as intercessors.

Hebrews 7:23-28

Jesus is the perfect eternal high priest.  He is perfect forever.  Jesus is praying for us today as a church and as an individual.

Sometimes we want human priests because we want to make someone else responsible for our lives.  Then we can blame when something doesn’t go right.

Col. 4:2-4

  • We need to pray for each other.   We Must:

Persist In Faith

Jesus prayed that Peter’s faith would be strong.

Matt. 24:9-13

The one who remains faithful will endure.  Jesus prayer was answered because he stumbled and then he remained faithful.

We must not give up.  We need to remain faithful and not give up hope.  Will God be our life no matter what happens to us?

Turn To God

Acts 26:19-20

Repentance is our responsible.  When we have a separation from God it is our responsibility to move back to God.  God didn’t move away, we did.

Help Others

Eph. 4:28

Stop doing wrong and work to do what is right.  Build others up.   We have a responsibility to help others. 

—Robert Lee, 5-1-05, a.m. 

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