Acts 2:32-36 

  • Matthew 16:13-19

The confession that Jesus is the Christ is the Rock on which the church is built.  Nothing will stand against the movement of the church against evil. 

  • Acts 1:1-8

This book is an account of how God formed the early church to prevail against evil in the world. 

Verses 1-8

  • God provides the power of the church thru this spirit. 
  • At the beginning is spoken of in political terms.  God’s kingdom is different, higher and greater than any thing in the world.
  • God’s kingdom is worldwide.

Verses 9-11

  • Jesus ascended to heaven. 
  • This indicates power and authority.  He went to his throne to assume his power over his worldwide kingdom. 

Acts 2:29-36

  • God gave Jesus the power and we have access to this power through the Holy Spirit by Jesus sacrifice.

Jesus is both:

  • King
  • Savior from sin

Acts 4:23

  • The conflict with the world begins.  God can and will use anyone to work in his Kingdom.
  • These early Christians allowed Jesus to work through them.

Acts 5:38-42

  • The authorities put the pressure on to stop the work of God, but they weren’t able to.

Acts 7:54-8:3

  • Humans can be arrogant when it comes to God.
  • God’s work will continue regardless of man.

Acts 12:20-24

  • The political rulers get involved when ever there is some way to gain power.  Herod put James to death, but God put him to death.
  • God’s word cannot be stopped.  God will always defeat his enemies.

Acts 13:1

Now the Church begins to move beyond Jerusalem.

Acts 17:6-7

  • These men upset the world.  God is on the move.

Acts 19:20-21

  • Paul pushed all the way to Caesar in Rome.

Acts 23:11

  • The Lord sent Paul to Rome.

Acts 27:21-26

  • Paul is a prisoner and nature seems against them, but God made it possible for Paul to make it to Rome.

Acts 28:30

  • The preaching was unhindered in Rome.
  • The preaching continues today.

—Robert Lee, 8-14-05, a.m.

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