“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Jesus, Meek and Gentle”

(Please read Matthew 11:29)

December 10

Our title today is that of a hymn written by George Rundle Prynne in 1856 and set to music by Clarence Hudson in 1891. We don’t know much about how the hymn came to be written, but we do know that the author served as vicar of a church in Plymouth, England, for 55 years, beginning in 1848. No surprise, then, that he would pen a prayerful poem addressed to the Lord Jesus:

Jesus, meek and gentle, Son of God most high,
Pitying, loving Savior, Hear Thy children’s cry.
Pardon our offenses, Loose our captive chains,
Break down ev’ry idol Which our soul detains.
Give us holy freedom, Fill our heart with love,
Draw us, holy Jesus, To the realms above.
Lead us on our journey, Be Thyself the Way
Thro’ terrestrial darkness To eternal day.

(To save space, we’ve written each four-line verse on two lines, with no extra space between verses.)

Chances are that you’ve heard the song but not very often. Maybe it’s too short and the beautiful tune is too, uh, sedate to appeal to the modern ear. But, in keeping with yesterday’s meditation about the eyes of the heart, let’s listen to these fine words with the heart. Then we can’t help appreciating this good old hymn.

So good, in fact, that we have little to say about the words of the song here; they speak for themselves. And we hope they stick in your mind and speak to your heart today.

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