Each of us has a story of our birth.  Unfortunately, motherhood today isn’t always a nice story.  Sometimes, the story shows the brokenness of our world.

  • Pain and Promise

Gen. 3:15-16

It is difficult to realize that because of sin, there is pain in connection with childbirth and relationships.  God gave a promise that the seed of woman will defeat Satan. 

Micah 4:9-10

There is a promise of hope given that God will redeem his people.

The pain of a broken world is represented by the pain of motherhood.  God promises are to repair all that sin has torn apart.

  • Pain and Salvation

Psalm 51:1-19

Verse 5 is used to show that all babies are born with sin.  However, this verse really shows that we are all born into a broken world.  Even the best mother can’t keep sin away from her children.  We can trust God to provide a way to become clean from the corruption in the world.  God can and will fix the things we cannot if we put our faith in him.

Luke 2:29-35

Simeon declares to Mary that he has seen in her child the salvation God has promised.  Simeon also told Mary that she would suffer because of the special role God had chosen for her.

Mary focused on the promise of salvation.

1 Tim. 2:15

God has a plan of salvation.  We are all saved by God’s gift.

  • Pain and Joy

John 16:21-22

Just like in childbirth, out of the pain comes happiness.  There is joy from the struggles of the world.  We need to hold onto the joy that God offers us in Christ’s sacrifice.

  • Pain and Comfort

John 19:25-27

Jesus thought of his mother as he hung on the cross.  He gave his mother’s care and protection to John. 

Believe that Jesus loves you and cares for you today. 

—Robert Lee, 5-8-05, a.m.

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