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Juanita Harris was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on June 26, 1940, the fourth of five children in the family, and passed away July 17. She was the mother of Catherine, Darrell, Samira and James, and she had seven grandchildren. Juanita was baptized at this congregation in the early 1970s by Terry Bouchelle, when the church met in a building on Iola Street in Aurora, and she was a member here for almost four decades. Her husband, Brian, has served the congregation as a deacon for several years.

Juanita worked at Ridge Home for mentally disabled children over 20 years. After that, she and Brian were foster parents for Jefferson County since 1992. They housed over 100 children while doing this good work, and many of those children have attended our church services. Juanita was immensely gifted at caring for children She had the ability to remain calm and positive, even in difficult circumstances. She could give of herself without complaining.

Juanita loved gospel music. When she was younger, she was an excellent bowler who competed in tournaments in several cities and won numerous trophies. She also loved to sew and enjoyed playing card games, especially with her family.

We are thankful to God for all that Juanita meant to this church. May God bring comfort and strength to those who mourn her passing.

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