Sometimes one incident ends up defining a person’s life.

Judas’ Identity

  • Matt. 10:2-4 – Judas is listed last and he is listed as the betrayer.
  • John 6:64, 70-71 – Some of Jesus’ listeners did not believe him.  Jesus knew what was in people’s hearts. He knew his betrayer. Judas character developed over his whole life.  His actions were from his character.
  • John 13:10-11 – Jesus is talking about how some of his followers were not clean inside.  Judas’ real failure was not receiving what Jesus had to give him; his soul cleansing.  Judas chooses to betray Jesus.

Satan’s Opportunity

  • John 13:2 -Judas didn’t come up with this idea – The devil put the plan in his heart.  Judas didn’t have God’s help to resist Satan’s plan.
  • John 13:27-30 – Judas had come to a point of giving himself over to Satan.  Judas did his wicked work in the darkness.
  • John 12:1-6 – Judas was a thief.  He was already giving Satan a foothold.

Jesus’ Pain

  • John 13:18-26 – Jesus was troubled in his spirit when he talked about the person who would betray him.  Judas wasn’t just a good man who was caught up in this plan.  He made a choice.  Jesus was hurt by this on a human level.  We can hurt him with our sins today.   Jesus knew about Judas heart, but the other disciples did not.  This does show how people can hide from others their true nature.
  • 2 Sam. 15:12, 31 – This is a story of betrayer.
  • Matt. 26:47-50 – Judas betrayed Jesus with a sign of affection, a kiss.  Judas was not close, he was a betrayer.  Jesus still wanted to be a friend.

Judas Remorse

  • Matt. 27:3-10 – Judas regretted his choice and gave back the money.  This money bought his burial field.  Judas conscience was working on him.  God was giving him a chance to repent, but Judas was still pushing away.
  • Acts 1:15-20 – Judas’ money bought the field and he fell after his death.  This field was the field of blood.

—Robert Lee, 1-20-08, p.m.

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