Jesus expressed to people the love of God.  We can follow Jesus’ example by doing things for those in need.  Many Americans have made tremendous sacrifices to bring justice and rights to all people. As Christians, in order to continue this work in our society, we must weed out any thoughts and attitudes that discourage others. 

Matthew 7:1-5

Jesus says do not judge others.  What is Jesus really referring to?

Do not judge 

  • Do not: Jump to conclusions

1Sam. 1:9-18 – The high priest thought Hannah was drunk, but later changed his mind

Acts 21:37-39 – The commander thought Paul was a rebel leader

Get All the Facts before you judge

  • Do not: Making Sweeping Generalizations

Don’t lump people into groups and judge them all the same

Luke 7:2-5- This soldier was an exception

Luke 10:33-34 – The Good Samaritan

See people as they are

  • Do not: Be Mind Readers

This is disrespectful

Matt. 26:59-63a – Jesus kept silence (John 2:19-21) They wanted to tell Jesus what he meant by what he said.

  • Do not: Live in the Past

Acts 9:26-28- Paul was previously a religious terrorist to the Christians.

Luke 17:3 Forgive and give people a chance to change

  • Do not: Make Others Stumble

Romans 14:10-13 – If our speech is causing others to be discouraged we need to be careful.

Matt. 23:4

  • Do not: Decide Others’ Ultimate Destiny

1 Cor. 4:3-5 God is the judge of all.  We don’t know everything that goes on in everyone’s heart.  Romans 2:16

  • Do not: Put Yourself Above Others

James 2:1-4-Don’t pay attention to people because of how they look on the outside

Romans 14:3-4 

  • Do not: Be a Critic

James 4:11-12 – Don’t speak against each other. 

James 5:9- God is the judge so we need to treat each other the way we want to be judged by God.  God is the God of mercy.

1Peter 4:8

—Robert Lee, 2-5-06, a.m.

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