Matt. 7:1-5

Even though we are not supposed to judge others we are supposed judge in some situations in order to help our Christian brothers and sisters.  

  • Discerning Between Good and Evil

John 7:23-24– Don’t judge by appearance.  Judge with the righteous judgment using the truth of God.

John 8:15-16 – Base your judgments on God’s word.  Learn the truth of God.  We are judging behaviors, actions, and words not people’s hearts or standing with God.

Rom. 16:19 -We must be experts in what is good.  We need to recognize evil and stay away from that.

Heb. 5:14- We need to be constantly learning the difference between good and evil.

  • Commanded to Judge (Discern)

Luke 7:43- Jesus tells Simon he had judged the situation correctly

Luke 12:57- Jesus asked why these people were not judging rightly

Acts 4:19-20- You judge what we should do, obey God or people

1 Cor. 11:13- You should judge if this is right or wrong

1 Cor. 2:2- Paul says he determined to only preach about Jesus on the cross 

  • Standing for Righteousness

1 Cor. 5:3-5-Paul judged this person’s actions as wrong and he wanted the person to turn from sin and be saved.

1 Cor. 5:12-13- Christians judge only matters in the Church.  God judges those outside the church.

Rev. 2:6- Hate sin, but love the person.

  • Judging Ourselves

Rom. 2:1-3- We can see flaws in others, but we can’t always see our own.  God wants us to see ourselves and change ourselves to be more righteous.

1 Cor. 11:31-32- God is serious about sin in our lives and we need to strive for righteousness.

  • Judging Beyond This World

Matt. 19:28- Christians need to understand right and wrong because we will judge.

1 Cor. 6:1-3- You must be able to judge among yourselves because you will someday judge angels

Rev. 20:4- We need to be ready to sit on a throne and judge between right and wrong.

—Robert Lee, 2-5-06, p.m. 

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