“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

Just Custodians 

(Please read Luke 12:16-21)

October 3

Two sisters attended college in different cities and one was visiting the other. During the visit they put gasoline into the hostess’ car. One girl extended a credit card and said she would pay, but the other said no, she already had her card out and would handle it. Suddenly both girls burst out laughing as one said, “Why argue? It doesn’t make any difference which one signs because Daddy gets the bills for both cards!”

This incident doesn’t exactly represent our relationship to the things God has entrusted to us, but does illustrate a concept we need to understand. The girls didn’t own their credit cards but they had custody of them, provided by a father who was concerned with taking care of their material needs. They were expected to exercise prudence in using the cards.

All of us are on a custody plan; we are only temporary custodians of the things we like to think we own. And it seems harder to have the right attitude toward money during prosperous times than during hard times when a man’s own hunger helps him sympathize with his poorer neighbors.

The rich fool in our text had this problem. It had been too long since he had missed a meal. He thought only of himself and what was his, not of the good he might do by sharing with others a part of the bounty God had entrusted to him. God denounced him as a fool and took his soul from him.

Our “ownership” is fragile and our time is limited. Let’s use both as wise custodians for the Lord.

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