We often learn coping mechanisms for stresses in our lives that are not God’s ways.  We sometimes have to learn new ways when we become Christians.

  • Christ’s Different Message

Matt. 11:29

We are not alone.  Christ is right there with us helping us carry our burdens.

Christ is there to teach us how to handle our burdens.

Jesus will teach us how to be humble and gentle so that we have peace in our lives.

Matt. 23:5-12

In contrast to Jesus, the teachers of his day laid heavy burdens on the people.  They made people’s lives more difficult.

Who will we learn from today?

Jesus or teachers who push ahead for their own gain?

Matt. 18:1-4

You can always find teachers who are talking about how to get ahead.  Children are dependent. As Christians we need to become dependent on Jesus as children are on adults.

  • Struggling Learners

Matt. 20:20-28

The lesson of humility involves unlearning what the world teaches. 

Luke 14:7-11

Live a life of humility and God will lift you up.

John 13:1-17

Jesus gave an example of humility by doing the lowliest job of all, washing their feet.  Jesus says if I did it, so should you.

Phil. 2:1-8

Paul pleads with us to care for one another and follow Jesus’ example of humility in his life and in his death.

2 Cor. 10:1

Paul says he was trying to be like Jesus who was meek and gentle.

Col. 2:18, 23

Putting ourselves down is not living a humble life.

  • Humility and Love

Rom. 12:16

Don’t see yourself as too good to serve others.

Eph. 4:1-3

Preserve the unity of peace with one another.

Col. 3:12-14

We are chosen by God.  God wants us to love one another so that we have a heart of unity.

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