Cats are difficult to control so the idea of herding cats is absurd. There is something harder than dealing with cats – dealing with people.

God’s Amazing Love for difficult people

  • Deut. 32 🙁 1-43) 15-18 – Moses sums up the people’s response to God’s love as saying they forgot the God who gave them birth. 
  • 1 Sam. 8:7-9 -The people wanted a king. God says the people are rejecting God as a leader in favor of an earthly king.
  • Neh. 9:26-29 – God had given the people great blessings, but the people did evil before God. 
  • Jer. 44:4-6 -The people would not listen to God.
  • Matt. 21:33-43 – This story tells about a vineyard that was worked by the people and the people refused to give what was due the owner. They rejected the owner.
  • Acts 7:51-52 -These people were called stiff necked.

God is loving and merciful to us. Cats (and people) can be difficult! Cats can be trained. If this is true maybe people can be transformed.

People can be transformed

  • Jer. 3:17 – God has hope that we can be changed from our stubborn ways.
  • Romans 8:13 – Because God has given his son we can turn away from sin and live.
  • 2 Cor. 3:18 – We are being changed by the Spirit if we focus on Jesus.
  • Eph. 4:20-5:2 – Be renewed in the Spirit.

We are called to be a new person in the image of Christ. God calls us to learn to want to please Him.

Developing a Desire to Please God

  • Heb. 13:16 – Do the things that please God.
  • 1 Thess. 4:1 -Walk in a way that pleases God.
  • Col. 1:9-12 – Please God in all respects. Enjoy a relationship with God.
  • Eph. 5:7-10, 6:5-8 – Try to learn what is pleasing to God by walking in the light and imitating Christ.

Do you believe you can please God?

–Robert Lee, 3-28-10, p.m.

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