The prop this morning is a folding chair. This folding was purchased for their daughter. This was the last chair and it was on sale. They both tried the chair to see if it would hold 2 people and it was broken in the attempt.

Things of This World Do Not Last
Luke 12:33-34
Store up your treasure in heaven where nothing can spoil your treasure. You can’t find contentment in the things of this world you need to value the things of God.
1Tim. 6:17
Instruct people to not hope in physical things, but to put your faith in God.

When the folding chair was broken, both Mom and Dad played a role. Mom didn’t want to try both sitting in the chair, but she gave in to please her spouse.

Resist Wrong Influences
Proverbs 13:20
Those who listen to fools are led to foolish acts.
1 Cor. 15:33
We are surrounded by a culture whose influences are against God. We need to seek those messages and influences that lead to God.

There was a warning tag on the chair saying that it only held 225 pounds. If they had read the warning they would not have broken the chair.

Heed Creator’s Warnings
Jer. 35:12-17
God gave warnings to His people.
2Tim. 4:1-4
Our faith is demonstrated by how willing we are to hear God’s word and follow it.

The warning label on the chair is on the bottom of the chair. If the chair had the label where it could have been seen, maybe they wouldn’t have broken the chair.

Make Truth Known
Mark 16:15-16
This is a message we should carry to the world.
Matt. 10:27
Jesus wants us to proclaim our beliefs to the world.

When the chair broke, the wife was so disappointed because she was looking forward to giving the chair to their daughter. She forgave him for his foolish mistake.

We Need Grace
Eph. 2:1-10
God forgave us through our faith in Jesus. He extended His grace to us and forgives us when we don’t deserve it.

—Robert Lee, 10-17-04, a.m.

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