“Morning by morning, O Lord, you hear my voice”

Psalm 5:3

“Let’s Sing Just One More”

(Please read Psalm 100)

November 7

Contrary to what many people think today, most folks in the Great Depression, although short of money, made the best of the situation and enjoyed life anyway.

One thing that brought much enjoyment to religious people was gospel singing. There were good singers of various religious persuasions who regularly conducted “singing schools” for local churches, which helped produce some pretty fine singing in church services.

Radio did its part to promote gospel singing in those days. Stamps-Baxter quartets could be heard almost every day, singing some old songs and a few of the newest ones from their latest songbook. Stamps and others published many paperback songbooks which sold for about a quarter.

People often opened their homes for “singings,” especially in summer; the crowd might overflow into extra rooms, but somehow all would manage to sing the same song at the same time. There were few dull moments in a song-packed evening. They sang old songs and learned new ones. They encouraged the youngsters to stay close to grownups so as to follow a particular voice part, and to “sing out, now.”

When it was time to break up and go home, there was the inevitable plea, “Let’s sing just one more,” followed by one more and one more until time absolutely ran out.

One of the joys of heaven will be its singing. If that music were just on a par with the greatest we’ve ever heard, it would be fine; but it will be far beyond anything we’ve heard yet. And with no time constraints there, we’ll never have to plead, “Let’s sing just one more.”

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