What if one day you come home from work and find out that all your home appliances have taken control of themselves? This is what God faces with humanity everyday.  How many times does God call on people to do works for him, and he is told they have their own agendas?

Sanctification (Belonging to God)

1 Cor. 6:19-20

God has purchased us with the price of Jesus’ sacrifice.  God is our creator and Satan has stolen us through sin.  God gave his son so that we can know without a doubt that he owns us.

Rom. 14:7-8

We are the Lords.  We belong to him.  We need to understand that we belong to him.

1 Thess. 3:13-4:8

God sent Jesus so that some day we can stand before God without the burden, blame, and ugliness of sin.   God wants us to be pure and holy.  As Christians we need to be assured that we belong to God.

1 Thess. 4:8

  • Excelling to Please God (vs. 1)

We need to continually go forward in our service.  We must lean on God for our strength. 

  • Commands of Jesus Christ (vs. 2)

God gives us instructions through his word, through prayer, and through other Christians.

  • The Will of God (vs. 3-4)

Sexual purity is one example of how we are called on to be pure before God.  We need to trust God that he will bring us blessings we can’t imagine.

  • Knowing God (vs. 5)

God has our best interest at heart.

  • Vengeance of God (vs. 6)

We will be held accountable for our choices. 

  • Call of God (vs. 7)

Growing in Christ takes a long time.  We need to keep moving towards the goals God has for us.

  • Rejecting God (vs. 8)

God gives us a choice.  We have the ability to choose what is good.    God gave us the Holy Spirit to help us.  God’s plan has been totally revealed, so there is no reason to kick against God.  He is totally good and wants what is best for you. 

—Robert Lee, 8-7-05, a.m.

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