Right now what do want above all else? Your answer to this question is between you and God. Sometimes it can be difficult to know what you want. We can have complex feelings so it can be difficult to discern our desires. Maybe we are afraid to want something because if we don’t get it we might be disappointed.

Longing for God

  • Psalm 42:1-11 – Hope in God that you may experience relief from your feeling of despair. Strongly long for God. Long to experience the presence of God. God will lift you up.
  • Psalm 63:1-11 – Recognize God’s power and seek him anytime, especially when you are in a spiritually dry place. God can rescue you from any trouble. God’s loving kindness is better than life. Seek to connect yourself to him.
  • Psalm 84:1-12 – God blesses those whose hearts belong to him. Those that love him long to be with him. Put yourself in a position to worship all the time.

Developing Good Desires

Long for God as these writers illustrate in Psalms. Longings can be changed. So, if you don’t long for God, put yourself in a position to know God better. Read the Bible, pray, and fellowship can help.

  • Psalm 18:1-3 – God is worthy to be praised. He is a strength, rock, shield, deliverer, and a stronghold.
  • Phil. 3:4-14 – Paul desired to have a relationship with God. Do you desire a relationship?

–Robert Lee, 4-18-10, a.m.

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